Martin M88 Ness: I hope that Azar is in 2021 to make a good luck in Kuruva is an accident.

马丁内斯:希望阿扎尔2021年交上好运 库尔图瓦的失误是个意外

Happy Sports November 20th, Belgian coach Robert Martinez recently accepted the Makar radio interview. He talked about the Spanish national team, Azar, Curto and Lucaku and other topics.

“The game against Germany will be remembered for many years, if Spain kicked in the European Cup next year, then They will have no doubt that will be popular. “

“2020 team Azar is very unfortunate year, I hope that all of his bad luck now has passed, I hope he can bring great happiness to the national team and Real Madrid in 2021. “

“The mistake is an accident. This accident even made us a response, scored the fourth ball. Kurotva saved the team, and the mistake is more Xiaoye. “


“He is a very comprehensive player that can break the opponent’s defense in many ways.”

(ground hard killing hand) ->

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